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Hello I’m Daniel Prinz

Principal Software Engineer and Udemy Instructor based in Austria. I am a highly motivated technology enthusiast and I love to share my knowledge.

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Learn Micronaut

Learn Micronaut

Learn Vertx

Learn Vertx

Really good course with variety of content - from basic modules(micronaut, data, security) to different integrations(kafka, redis etc), also covering things on writing tests, which will help you to get started with Micronaut. Thanks Daniel!

Amit Bhave

Learn Micronaut Student

Good content and good selection of topics which we use most often.

Harsha Vardhan Somu

Learn Micronaut Student

This course is very good, I totally recommend it for the ones who would like to know the Micronaut framework.

Theuri Magri

Learn Micronaut Student

Excellent course on Vert.x Java!!. It is the only course on Vertx where the instructor has dived deep into Vertx concepts and explained it with examples.


Learn Vert.x Student

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